Today is Giving Tuesday.  Let us show God and the world that materialism is not a priority in our lives.  That we have hearts to help the hurting and poor.  Give to your favorite charity or church.



Excerpt by Bishop David Kendall (

In the course of every worship-event, the people and those who lead them in worship celebrate all that God has given and invite the people to give responses that are appropriate. From their hearts, they offer devotion, praise, confession and affirmation. From their hands, they offer the fruits of their labors made possible by the goodness of God they’d experienced. Then, from the whole of their beings, they offer words and deeds reflecting God’s presence and power, as they depart from a worship-event to enter into a week of worship-living.

Thanks and Giving

Bishop Kendall writes of living in worshipful response to God. As Christians yearning to live a life in accordance to Jesus example, we often struggle.  Taking baby steps and achieving success and consistency in one area is encouraging and empowering to the “Walk” of a growing Christian.   Forms of worship like Thanksgiving and giving are two areas we can take those small steps forward.  Thus enabling us to develop in Christ like character and move to the deeper goal of living in worshipful response to God.