Meet the Apostle John (not your usual sermon!)  
“Love One Another” sermon series.       
This will be a dramatic first person presentation of the Book of John.
It begins May 7 and goes through the summer.
       Pastor Brock will be dressing in 1st century clothing and presenting himself as the Apostle John, sharing his insights in first person, as if John were really among us commenting on the book of John.    These “sermon dramas” will be based on the Gospel of John and research into the life of John.    This is part of a series of messages called “Love One Another” in which the books of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3rd John, and Revelation will be covered in creative and inspiring messages through the summer and fall.
Upcoming Messages: the green text are sermon video links. Enjoy and Be Blessed.
April 23   What God has been teaching me.  Personal growth reflections from Pastor Brock’s life.
April 30   What God is doing in us.  Celebrating the work of the Holy Spirit among our people.
May 7   Introduction to John and his Gospel.  First person drama featuring John the Apostle.
May 14  Mother’s Day tributes.  This will be a special day for mom’s featuring some of the children with tributes and testimonies from our congregation.  You will not want to miss this.  There will be no sermon that day except the message that comes from our moms who share.
May 21  Kid’s choir  performs  “Star Quest!”   No Sunday School.
              John 1 & 2.
June 4  Graduation Sunday, Missionary Eric Spangler preaches.  No Sunday School.
June 18   Father’s Day,   John 5   Jesus’ relationship 
                with his father.  Carlos German preaches (to be confirmed)
June 25   Apostle John shares about John 6 & 7
July 9      Apostle John shares about John 11 & 12
July 30  Brock on Vacation, Nuku Tukia preaches from John  17 (to be
             confirmed)  Christ’s prayer for us.
                John 18 (to be confirmed)
August 13  Brock on Vacation.  David Embree  preaches from John 19 (to be confirmed).
August 20  Brock back,   John talks about the resurrection.  John 20.      
August 27   John talks about post resurrection appearances.  John 21. 
September 3  1 John
September 10 2 John
September 17  3rd John
September  24
October 1
October 8
October 15
October 22
October 29
October — December.  The Revelation to John.