How healthy is your family?  I am not just talking about physical health, but relational health, and spiritual health.    Our goal as a church is to help you to build a healthy family.  It does not happen automatically.  It takes effort and persistence.   We must work on our relationships in the family.   I have seen families partner with our church to work on building a healthy family and it has made a big difference.  find FAMILY

It starts with building a healthy relationship with God.   He is our loving Heavenly Father.  Through Jesus he has brought mercy, love, and forgiveness to each of us.   We also build healthy relationships with one another.  Just as our heavenly father loves us, we love one another,  and practice forgiveness and love with one another.  find GOD

Why try to do this alone?   Bring your family to church and let’s work together to build healthy families. follow JESUS

Christ’s Blessing,
Dr. Brock Hoyer
Senior Pastor