Old Testament Introduction Course

Sierra Pacific Conference FMCUSA
July 21 & July 28, 2018 (both days required)

Oasis Church – San Jose, CA

1730 Curtner Ave. San Jose, CA 95118
Administrator: Rev. Samuel C. Schaar
Email: theologylover@gmail.com
Cell # (call or text): (218) 280-8090

Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm (breaks for lunch from Noon to 1pm)
Required Texts:
How to Read the Bible for All its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Steward
Bible (Bring Your Own Translation)
Required Materials:
Notebook or Note Taking Device (Tablet, Laptop, etc.).
Writing Utensils if needed
Special Notes:
– I will provide everyone with paper copies (and digital if requested) of the
power points.
– The course will involve interaction and dialogue.
– Come prepared to either get lunch out each Saturday or bring your own lunch
with you. There are a few restaurants within a couple blocks of the church.
– One short 4 page exegesis paper on an Old Testament text of your choice.
– One short teaching/sermon on an Old Testament text of your choice.
o (Thorough Outline or Manuscript)
– These need to be two different Old Testament texts.
– Assigned Reading as broken down in the outline to follow.Course Outline:
Read Before Saturday July 21st
How to Read the Bible for All is Worth (Chapters 1,2,5,11)
Saturday July 21, 2018
I. Introduction to the Old Testament
a. What’s in the Old Testament?
b. Where did it all come from?
c. Big important stuff to remember when studying the Old Testament.
II. What is Exegesis?
a. How to read the Old Testament well.
b. Pitfalls to avoid.
III. Lunch Break (Noon to 1 pm)
IV. Group Exegesis Practice
a. Narrative: 1 Samuel 7:3-13
b. Poetry: Psalm 23
Homework: Exegesis Paper (an OT text of your choice)
Due July 28th in Class
Read Before Saturday July 28th
How to Read the Bible for All its Worth (Chapters 9,10,12)
Saturday July 28, 2018
I. Group Exegesis Practice
a. Old Testament Laws: Exodus 20:1-21
b. Proverbs and Wisdom Literature: Proverbs 3
c. Prophecy and Apocalyptic Literature: Ezekiel 37:1-14
II. Lunch Break (Noon to 1 pm)
III. How to study and prepare for teaching and preaching.
a. Best Practices
b. Exegeting Context and Congregation
c. Learning from Mistakes and Growing as a Teacher
Homework: Sermon/Teaching (an OT text of your choice)
Thorough Outline/Manuscript – due by midnight Saturday August 4th (email to Sam).Exegesis
Paper Requirements:
4 pages double spaced, Arial font.
Four sections: (1) Observing what is in the text. (2) Special Questions/Unknowns
(3) Resources Consulted for Better Grasp of the Text (4) Theological Themes and
Main Points of the Text.
Sermon/Teaching Requirements:
4 pages double spaced, Arial font.
Lay out a thorough outline or type a full manuscript of a sermon or teaching you
would prepare for your home church. Two important questions to ask in the process:
(1) What is God saying to me through the text? (2) What is God saying to us through
the text?
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