CORE School of Ministry,

A Ministry of Sierra Pacific Conference,

Free Methodist Church

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Christian Ordination Readiness Education (CORE)  By Brock Hoyer


Philosophy of Education for the School

Matthew 4: 19    “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Disciples are chosen and then taught through a personal relationship.    You must be chosen and covenant to be in a discipleship relationship to be in this school.

Mark 12: 30   Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

You know it when you have it in your heart, in your mind, and can apply it with your hands.  Evaluations will be of the heart (effective), head (cognitive) and hands (observation in a ministry situation).

2 Timothy 2: 2     And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

You know it when you can teach it to someone else who can also teach it.   Application of the classes to teaching others will be required of the classes.

Method for teaching.

Working with the student to develop ways to teach others, using a variety of ways to teach, including on-the-job training for skills,   planning and working with people to develop programs and systems, study of books and discussion of them in small groups.

Areas of emphasis.

A core of classes will be offered which require the student to become proficient in Biblical studies and theology. Other classes will be offered as we have access to qualified instructors and based upon student’s needs.    These may include the following.

Personal spiritual formation through daily Bible reading, prayer, reading Christian literature, and journaling. Making disciples, leaders, ministries, and churches through multiplication strategies. Church planting, Church revitalization, Counseling:  spiritual counseling and relationship counseling. Interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution, Leading groups and Public speaking.

Curriculum and Resources.   People and books.  Whomever and whatever is the best resource.   A list of resources will be developed for each disciple who is chosen to be in this school.

School of Ministry committee:   Supt. Mark Adams, Rev. Brock Hoyer, Rev. Chris Hemberry,  Financial Officer,  MEG chair, Church Planting Revitalization Chair.

Director of school:  Brock Hoyer

Teachers:   Pastors or lay people mostly within our own conference.

Administration and finances will be done through the Modesto Free Methodist Church office.

Evaluators:  Pastors and lay people from our churches.   Team of evaluators for each church.

Cost:    $55.00 per student per Saturday class, non-refundable due 10 days prior to class.  Instructor gets $40.00 and $15.00 is for materials or administration.  Students buy books.  Special instructors may be brought in sometimes and financed through the conference.

Classes divided in one to three day units.    Students will keep track of their unit completion and also the Class office and SPC MEG Board.   Classes are graded.   Students read books and do assignments before the class meets and will usually have assignments after class.

Tentative Class Schedule:

March 10, 2018  Worship. Instructor: Rob Baker at Oasis Christian Fellowship in Pleasant Hill.

March 24, 2018  iPath CORE: Corporate and Personal Evangelism. Instructor: Kevin Williams at REAL Family Church, 1730 Curtner Ave. San Jose CA 95125

April 21, 2018  iPath CORE: Assimilation – How to turn visitors into members. Instructor: Mark Adams, Place: TBA

May 19, 2018  iPath CORE: iNstill – Discipleship in the Modern Era.  Instructor: Chris Hemberry,  Place, TBA

Date to Be determined  Wesleyan Theology in Spanish Instructor: Phil Gilmore

Summer 2018    New Testament Survey.  Date, Instructor and location to be decided.

Summer 2018  Old Testament Survey.  Date, Instructor and location to be decided.