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History and Polity of the Free Methodist Church
Sierra Pacific Conference, Dr. Mark Adams
markadams@undeniableblessing.org (email) 916-363-1731 (phone) 415-520-0504(fax)

Location: 234 Sierra Canyon Lane Colfax, CA 95713

OBJECTIVE: Gain a working knowledge of the historical factors leading the formation of the global Free Methodist movement, significant shifts over time and how this impacts our contemporary movement. Understand and embrace the theological core and distinctives of the Free Methodist Church and how these lead disciples, leaders, groups and churches to impact our communities and world. Learn to practically apply the denomination’s constitution (discipline), understand our global connection and engage local church operations and policies which apply to all Free Methodist Churches. Finally, engage the current vision and strategies of the national church and regional conference in connection with local church leadership and community transformation. The course is geared toward Local Ministerial Candidates and Transferring Pastors but will prove valuable for anyone seeking an solid overview and working knowledge of the Free Methodist Church and Sierra Pacific Conference (aka – network of undeniable blessing).
May 11 (1pm – 9pm)
1:00 Who We Are: Orientation & Mission, Vision & Strategies of the FMCUSA & SPC.
2:00 How We Got Here: Brief History of Wesleyan movement and the formation of the FMC.
5:00 Dinner Provided
6:00 Doctrinal Core: Classical orthodoxy and what unites the FMC with all Believers.
8:00 Doctrinal Expressions: Free Methodist Distinctives and what makes the FMC unique.
9:00 Dismissal
May 12 (9am – 5pm)
9:00 Global Organization: The Book of Discipline and Global Free Methodists
10:00 Regional Organization: The Power of Conferencing & Ordination in the FMC.
11:00 Lunch Provided
12:00 Disciple Believers: Membership and Leadership in the FMC.
1:00 Leading Your Church: Running your Church by Spirit and Order.
2:00 Church Discipline: When Things Go Wrong.
3:00 Vision Casting: Impacting the World through the Free Methodist Leader.
4:00 Are You Ready? Take a Test
5:00 Dismissal
Book of Discipline (order 2015 via https://wphstore.com/search?query=book+of+discipline)
… Book of Discipline (need 2015, but may also download free, http://fmcusa.org/bookofdiscipline/)
Read Book of Discipline Introduction & chapters 1, 3, 6, 7 (review chapters 2, 4 and rituals in 8)
Read Historical Timeline at: http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/38604/The-Free-ing-of-Methodism/
Read Uniquely Free Methodist Web, all tabs and videos: http://fmcusa.org/uniquelyfm/
Read 3 articles of interest from Light and Life Communications: http://fmcusa.org/lightandlifemag/
Read Free Methodist Freedoms: http://fmcusa.org/lightandlifemag/the-freedoms-of-free-methodists/
Read Women in Ministry by Mark Adams: http://undeniableblessing.org/files/womeninministery2010.pdf
Read Character of a Methodist by John Wesley: https://goo.gl/S04nlW
Surf fmcusa.org (denominational site) undeniableblessing.org (conference site)
Before the class, complete the reading and write a brief 3 page paper on how the Free Methodist Church ought to address a current issue or event (economic disparity, human trafficking, biblical illiteracy, global evangelism in the information age, ministry with the lgbt community, immigration, etc.) that includes three sections – the 1) Biblical and Theological Foundation of your response, 2) How the Free Methodist Church approaches or should approach the issue and 3) How this understanding will guide your ministry as you engage this issue.
The student is expected to provide for her own books & reading materials, any transportation costs, and meals not provided through the class. The paper may be brought with you to the class or sent in advance via email. You must pass a final exam written exam in order to receive credit for the course.