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CLASS: DISCIPLESHIP – an iPath training opportunity
DATE: May 19, 2018   9am – 5pm
PLACE: Modesto, Class by Divine Grind
TEACHER: Rev. Chris Hemberry

Course Syllabus

SPC CORE Training

Biblical Discipleship

 Course Description:

Jesus said “Make Disciples” and left this as our great commission.  But how do we do that, really?  This class will give you an overview of the current practices for making and multiplying disciples and equip you to make disciples.  This is one of the 8 healthy church systems on the iPath toward healthy church growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of discipleship as an integral part of ministry in scripture and an ability to defend your stance
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of current disciple-making practices in the Christian church
  • Develop and fruitfully execute a personal disciple-making plan

 Course Outline

  1. Defining Discipleship
  2. Student experience and definition
  3. Common misconceptions
  4. Biblical discipleship
  5. The Great Commission
  6. The Jesus Model
  7. Discipleship vs. Church Growth
  1. Current Discipleship Methodologies
  2. Mentorship
  3. Task Based
  4. Classroom-centered
  5. Groups
  6. Overarching/Missional
  • Developing a Disciple-making System
  1. Life together
  2. Holy Spirit guided
  3. Clear expectations
  4. Clarity
  5. Follow-through
  6. Fluid & individualized

Required Texts:

Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples Francis Chan, David Platt, Mark Beuving

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen


25% class discussion

25% Written assignments

50% follow-up disciple-making

Pre-course work: (reading and assignments)

  1. Complete all assigned readings under ‘Required Texts’
  2. Write a 3-page paper comparing two current disciple-making methods or processes. Include a complete overview of both methods as well as a personal conclusion stating which you prefer and why
  3. Interview two pastors and ask them about their disciple-making process. Write a one-page overview of what you learned.
  4. Prepare to share orally in class how you have been and are being discipled.

Continuation Course Work (for CORE Credit)

  1. Disciple 2 people over three months using the disciple-making process you will be developing in class. Complete follow-up paper (you will get this in class) explaining your method, fruitfulness, and critique.
  2. Complete 30-minute follow-up discussion with instructor


The best method for communication is email.  All assignments are to be turned in via email.  Any students desiring further instruction can set up in-person follow up meetings with the instructor free of charge