What would happen if each of us listened to the Holy Spirit and courageously did what he told us to do?   That brings up the question,  “How can I hear clearly from God?”
We are starting a sermon series entitled  “What’s UP”.     It will focus on what God is saying to the preacher that week about our relationship with Him.  We will also hear testimonies from members of our congregation about times they felt the Lord speaking to them and they followed His leading.  Along the way we will all learn to listen more closely to the Holy Spirit. This series of messages will continue through the summer.
If you have a story or something you would like to share about a time when God said something to you and you heard and followed it, let Pastor Brock know.  He would like you to share this either in person in our service, or videotaped.  2016
September 4,  Testimony, Tony Byroads
August 21 Drifting